Community Dataset Portal

Information about datasets shared across the EEGNet community has been gathered and linked in the table below. Where indicated, datasets available on the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform (CONP) portal are highlighted, and other platforms where they are available for access.

Dataset Name Contact Name Institution Access status File Format Dataset size Publication link Data Access location BIDS Compliant
Emotion Imagination Scott Makeig UCSD Open access SET ~20 GB Yes
Multiple datasets available Robert Oostenveld Donders Institute, Radboud University Open and closed/registered access .eeg, .vhdr, .vmrk (BrainVision), CTF multiple [multiple] Yes
Open Cuban Human Brain Mapping Project Pedro Valdes-Sosa Cuban Neuroscience Centre Open access .mff (EGI) 10 GB Science Yes
Expectations about dynamic visual objects facilitates early sensory processing of congruent sounds Scott Huberty Montreal Neurological Institute Closed/registered access .mff (EGI) 10 GB Science Direct OSF No
pending Susana Peña Hospital Nacional Rosales In preparation .eeg, .vhdr, .vmrk (BrainVision) 2 GB In preparation No
pending Gorsev Yener Izmir University of Economics, Medical School Not currently online .edf, .eeg, .vhdr, .vmrk (BrainVision) unknown In preparation Yes
Temperament Over Time Nathan Fox University of Maryland Not currently online .set unknown No Yes
PsyCoNeLAb Giorgio Di Lorenzo Laboratory of Psychophysiology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Department of Systems Medicine, University of Rome Tor Vergata .set unknown No No
Pathstone Mental Health Sid Segalowitz Brock University In preparation .mff (EGI) unknown In preparation Yes
Attention control medio-frontal function Stefon van Noordt Mt. St. Vincent Not currently online .bdf (BioSemi) 25 GB No No
The Threat Superiority Effect Across Cultures Anna Blumenthal Laval University - CERVO Brain Research Center Not currently online .eeg, .vhdr, .vmrk (BrainVision) 3.12 GB In preparation Yes
Auditory Memory Philippe Albouy Montreal Neurological Institute Not currently online .eeg, .vhdr, .vmrk (BrainVision) 10 GB Cell Yes
pending Marouani Saoussen FSS Sfax Not currently online .edf, .mat, .csv 1 GB No No
pending Joshua Ewen Kennedy Krieger Institute Not currently online .edf No No
Auditory Memory and Visual Stimulations Phillipe Albuoy CERVO Brain Research Center Dataset in preparation .edf, .mat, .eeg, .vhdr, .vmrk (BrainVision) 9.4 GB No
pending June Sung Moon Concordia University Not currently online .edf, .mat, .set 30 GB No No
Temple University Corpora Joseph Picone Temple University Open access .edf 4 TB Pre-print link No
pending Christine Lackner Mount Saint Vincent University Not currently online .set, .bdf (BioSemi), .eeg, .vhdr, .vmrk (BrainVision) No Yes